8 Signs That Should Tell You to Visit a Cardiologist Soon (Some Immediately)

1/29/2020 — Parkchester Medical

Heart is without a doubt one of the most important organs in the human body. No amount of care you take of your heart can be enough especially when there is any type of a concern there. For people in The Bronx, NYC region, it is paramount to be registered...

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Orthopaedics in Bronx – Know Your Doctors

1/30/2020 — Parkchester Medical

The Bronx is one of the highly populated regions of New York city. It is also home to some of the biggest sports clubs and centers in the city. The Bronx also has some of the best medical centers in NYC of which Parkchester Medical is one of the very best...

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How To Choose The Best Primary Care Doctor In The Bronx?

1/27/2020 — Parkchester Medical

Your Primary Care Physician in Bronx, NY is possibly yourmost important healthcare provider. Choosing a provider should be based on these factors;

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Asthma – Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment with Parkchester Medical

1/21/2020 — Parkchester Medical

Asthma is a common chronic condition. Asthma can cause difficulty in breathing that may be the result of inflamed or narrowed airways. Asthmatic patients might observe different symptoms and intensities of the condition depending on many factors...

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Where To Find Clinical Excellence & Caring Staff?

1/13/2020 — Parkchester Medical

At Parkchester Medical, we are well staffed to meet the growing demand of the primary care needs of the growing community we have served for over 30 years...

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Orthopedic Specialists in Bronx – When and Why You Need to Visit

1/6/2020 — Parkchester Medical

New York is one of the biggest cities of the world and The Bronx is one of its largest regions. The region is home to the New York Yankees as well. With much population and sports people living in The Bronx, there are a lot many cases of body problems...

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6 Reasons You Should Never Skip Primary Care in Bronx

1/1/2020 — Parkchester Medical

The Bronx is one of the larger regions of New York City. It is also one of the most populous regions of the city as well. With so many people living in the region, medical and health issues are bound to happen every now and then. Primary Doctors in Bronx are available...

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Orthopedic Specialists in Bronx, NYC Can Make Your Life Easier – Here’s How

12/26/2019 — Parkchester Medical

Do you have lasting pains and aches in any part, joints or areas of your body? Do you wish to get permanent relief for all your bodily aches that have been there for as long as you can remember? Premier high-quality orthopedic specialists are who you need to feel better...

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6 Signs to Visit a Urologist in Bronx Straight Away – Make Yourself Feel Healthy Again

12/25/2019 — Parkchester Medical

Of course, everyone of us will want a hospital or medical center free life. Yet, this is not what most of get. Urology problems including kidney issues, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and many more are always plaguing people...

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Why Do Athletes in Bronx, NYC Need to Work with Qualified Orthopedic Doctors?

12/20/2019 — Parkchester Medical

Athletes are some of the most physically fit people in the world. Different forms of sports involve different athletes that maintain their bodies and health differently. Sports like basketball, football, NFL and other physically challenging ones need athletes...

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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Family Doctors in Bronx, NYC

12/16/2019 — Parkchester Medical

Bronx is one of the biggest city regions in New York. Everyone would rather not visit a family medical Health Clinic in Bronx, yet many conditions might have you visit one nevertheless. To have a Family Doctor or physician in Bronx is of paramount importance. When you need quick check up with someone...

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