5 Warning Signs for Gallstones and How to Treat Them

They might not be life threatening (in most cases) but gallstones can surely cause enough pain and discomfort. Your gallbladder is supposed to store bile that helps breaking down fats. Helping with food digestion, gallbladder is one of the most important organs inside a human body.

In certain conditions that happen inside the body, gallbladder can develop stones. These are called gallstones and can vary in size from that of a grain to as big as a golf ball. When left unattended, these cause severe pain in the abdomen with direct affects to food digestion.

Gastroenterology Doctors advise against foods filled with too much fats to stay safe from gallstones. However, if you do develop them and get diagnosed with gallstones, treating them asap is the best option. Here are some warning signs of gallstones followed by best possible treatments:

1: Severe Upper Right Abdomen Pain Extending to Upper Back

One of the first signs you always need to pay attention on is severe pain in the upper right abdomen. This might extend to your upper back as well. What you need to know is the fact that a solid stone in your gallbladder will cause friction. Pain will be generated from this friction with a lot of discomfort.

Gastroenterology Doctors can diagnose this pain immediately. People with fat filled diets will feel the worst affects of gallstones. New Yorkers for example have a higher tendency to develop gallstones than people in many smaller cities of the world.

Be sure to find qualified and experienced Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx or any other part of New York when you have this abdominal pain. Also look for movement of this pain. If it travels to your upper back region, chances are it is caused by gallstones.

2: Unexplained Fever and Shivering

Gallstones work in a different way to other stone developments in your body. By blocking bile transfer to the intestines, gallstones cause your body to think differently. Another major symptom is unexplained fever and shivering from it.

Temperature of your body can rise significantly without any explanation for it. Mild or severe shivering can also be caused at any time of the day. When you have unexplained fevers, its definitely time to visit your doctor. A visit to specialist Gastroenterology Doctor should not be delayed as well.

Parkchester Medical is your most reliable Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx. For people in the region, these doctors and specialists can provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for gallstones.

3: Severe Nausea and Extreme Vomiting

As your intestines will be missing the important bile component that is necessary for fat digestion, severe nausea and vomiting can be experienced. This is one of the most revealing symptoms of gallstones for people of all ages.

Gastroenterology Doctors are able to diagnose this feeling with proper equipment and procedures. They might prescribe and Endoscopy procedure that will show the exact size of your gallstones. An Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) can also be performed to get to the root of your problem.

You should always make sure to visit qualified Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can get rid of these stones permanently and get back to feeling great again.

4: Jaundice with Pale Skin and Yellow Eye Color

Another visible sign and symptom of gallstones is jaundice with pale skin and eye color. Bad fat digestion causes jaundice in the intestines with pale color of skin and yellow eye color development. Gastroenterology Doctors are able to spot this and diagnose the proper treatment.

There can be some other causes of yellow skin and eye color development. You need to be diagnosed from qualified doctors in order to get to the root of your problem. However, when you see such symptoms, it is time to visit the doctor straightaway.

5: Darkening of Urine with Clay Colored Stools

Some of the least noted and observed symptoms of gallstones are changes in your urine and stool. Because only the patient is able to see these, often they are missed altogether. However, darkening of urine and also clay colored stools are warning signs for gallstones.

As your intestines don’t get the required mix of bile, digestion of fats and other food ingredients gets affected. Stool becomes clay colored with high fat content. Urine passing might also cause some degree of pain with a darkening of its color as well.

You should keep in mind the first few discussed symptoms and be on the lookout for these urine and stool changes. Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx should be able to diagnose these symptoms accordingly.

Gallstones Treatment

Once you get diagnosed with gallstones or the doctor thinks you have them, an Endoscopy might be advised. A detailed Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) might also be requested by the Gastroenterology Doctor. If results are positive, you will be treated accordingly. There are two major forms of gallstone treatment:

Oral Medication

When your gallstones are not large in size or are in the initial stages of development, they might be curable with oral prescribed medication. For people in the Bronx region, your qualified Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx will prescribe some form of oral medication.

It is important to know that there will be some changes in your diet prescribed by the doctor as well. Usually, a diet consisting of much less fats is advised that will reduce the stress on your intestines. Gallstones block the bile passing into the intestines resulting in lower fat digestion that causes problems.

Surgical Gallbladder Removal

For very large gallstones, a proper surgical gallbladder removal might be the best medical solution. With this, a medical procedure will have to be conducted that will remove the gallbladder altogether. Often, large gallstones change the stage of gallbladder, which is beyond functionality.

You must keep in mind all the precautionary measures after this surgical gallbladder removal procedure. Once it is removed, bile will transfer directly to the intestines boosting your digestion instantly. There will be no affect on your food digestion but a dietary care will be in order as prescribed by the doctor.

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