9 Signs That Should Tell You to Visit Your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx, NYC

Bronx is one of the boroughs of New York city and is home to the New York Yankees Stadium. It is a well populated region of the city with people from all backgrounds and age groups. The Bronx has some of the best medical facilities and health clinics for anyone requiring any sort of treatment. Sports persons and regular people as well will inevitably need to visit a quality Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx for many conditions and reasons.

Parkchester Medical is located conveniently in the Bronx offering great medical service to the masses. Along with some of the best orthopedic doctors, we also have qualified doctors for other medical disciplines as well. If you need an experienced Urologist in Bronx NY, you can visit any time. However, for your body, there can be many signs that will tell you to visit an orthopedic doctor in the region straightaway. Here are some of them in detail:

1: Tingling or Numb Hands

A tingling sensation in one’s hands can be caused by many reasons. Sometimes, hands or fingers can even feel slightly numb. Being a non-medical person, you’d probably not know why any of these might be happening. One of the first reasons for this is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

A minor wrist fracture that you might not even feel can cause this syndrome. Other nerve damages can cause certain tingling sensations or numb fingers in your hands. Be sure to check with your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx if you feel these even the slightest at all. Ignoring this can develop in serious issues.

2: Shoulder Pains for No Apparent Reason

If you often lift heavy weights, an occasional shoulder ache can be expected. However, if you do none of that and still get hurting shoulders, you might need a visit to the orthopedic right away. This kind of pain gets worse through the night and with shoulder movements. Shoulder joints can get tender.

This is a sign of tendonitis and occurs due to an injury carried from the past or overuse of the limb. Your elbow, heel or wrist can have same symptoms as well. Simple aging can also cause your tendons that join muscles to bones to lose elasticity. Be sure to check with your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx quickly.

3: Pain in Body from Repetitive Motions

People who work physically stressful jobs, can often engage in repetitive motions and movements for their daily chores. These can create a lot of stress on muscles causing internal unnoticed injuries as well. People working with machines producing lots of vibrations can also experience pains in body parts.

Various joints and limbs can experience slight or intensive pains at different times. It can be hard to identify what is causing that exact pain in your body. Be sure to visit a qualified Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx who will diagnose the correct cause of your pain and rectify it in due time with proper treatment.

4: Trouble Climbing Stairs

Usually, this type of a condition is common in elderly people. Joints and knees can give in over time and start to deteriorate. However, at times, these joints can start hurting and become weak for other reasons as well. First thing affected people will notice is trouble climbing stairs.

A joint replacement surgery might be in order in certain cases. Especially when a chronic joint pain lasts longer than 6 months, it is time to visit a qualified and experienced Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx. They will suggest whatever is the best way to treat you from this.

5: Twisted Ankles

Twisted or rolled ankles are actually quite common for athletes or even many regular people. Having stepped on a round stone or any other uneven surface can cause an ankle to twist. However, sprained ankles can be identified from swelling or bruising on the outside part of an ankle.

People who move about a lot or do their sports chores during the day, can get twisted ankles quite a lot. Past ankle sprains can also give way to new ones. Some people can also have natural bone shapes that can lead to twisted ankles frequently. A quality orthopedic specialist will identify whatever is going on.

6: Painful Joints in the Body

Additional to regular body aches, hurting joints are also quite common. Chronic pains in any joints tell you to visit your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx asap. Inflammation or swelling around any of your joints can be associated with this pain. It can also be a sign that bones in joints are rubbing together.

These are signs of arthritis and is more commonly found in woman of all ages. Older women are more likely to develop arthritis as well. Too much body weight can be one of the most common arthritis causes. Previous joint injuries and repeated ending of joints can also be the reason for it.

7: Injury Getting Worse

From any accident or injuries, it is common to have pains in the body that get worse with time. Any kind of bone fracture or crack can be a major cause of injury worsening for people of all ages. Subsequently, young ones under the age of 20 and elders over 65 are more likely to break their arms and other bones.

Hip bones, arms, spine, leg and thighs are quite common for being fractured and broken. Swelling or bruising over the skin where a fracture might be is a first sign of this with light or mild pain in case of small fractures. An Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx would help identify and treat the problem for good.

8: Swollen Wrists or Other Joints

Landing awkwardly on your wrist can case it to swell. Similarly, awkward landing for any part of the body can cause swelling on the respective limb. Overuse of joints for athletes and people who like to exert themselves is a natural cause as well.

For our joints, there is a sac called bursa that is filled with fluid protecting our bones from rubbing against each other. This can happen with the wrist or any other joints where bones meet. Be sure to visit your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx and get treated properly if you have any swollen joints.

9: Bruised Muscles That Might Be Weak or Stiff

Bluish discoloration on the skin for any internal bone injuries is quite common after a certain period of time. Severe hitting of big and heavy enough objects on any body part can cause fibers of muscles to get crushed between that object and the bone. Skin doesn’t have to be broken for this to happen.

Blood can also pool under the skin creating a lump over the injury. All these conditions can be quite hard to treat on your own. Be sure to check out a qualified Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx who will help diagnose the proper cause of this and treat it quickly.

How Parkchester Medical Can Help!

Do you have a lasting pain in any part of joint of your body? Parkchester medical can some of the most qualified Orthopedic Doctors in Bronx. We have a modern advanced facility that also provides care and treatment for many other conditions and issues.

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