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Asthma is a common chromic condition. Severe asthma can cause trouble in breathing that may be the result of lungs airways getting inflamed or narrowed. Asthmatic patients might observe different symptoms and intensity of the condition depending on many factors.

When airways to the lungs get inflamed, they become sensitive to substances that are inhaled with each breath. Their sensitiveness causes them to react differently to environmental things termed triggers. Swelling and narrowing increases as the airways react to substances.

Extra mucus can also be produced in asthmatic patients that also contributes to lung air flow struggle. Muscles around airways tighten up resisting air flow even more. Read through to find out more about asthma, its symptoms, causes and treatment:

Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma flares or attacks happen when airways react to asthma triggers. While different asthma patients might get different symptoms, some of the most common ones include:

·        Mild to severe coughing

·        Chest tightness and heaviness

·        Trouble breathing in and out

·        Wheezing or panting

Some patients can get mild asthma symptoms at any time where others may only get some of these in response to specific activities like workouts or exercise and excessive walking or running. More severe and frequent asthma symptoms will need proper treatment and medication.

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Causes of Asthma

A combination of environmental and genetic factors may cause asthma. However, the underlying cause of it is yet unknown. It does run in the family and people with someone in the family suffering from it are more at risk of developing it. Exposure to allergens or certain viral infections and other environmental factors can also contribute to development of asthma.

Asthma may be caused by many of its triggers. Commonly found triggers for asthma include:

·        Dust mites

·        Pollen in the air

·        Mold

·        Frequent tobacco smoke inhalation

·        Respiratory infections

·        Over exertion or physical activity

·        Allergic reactions to certain foods

·        Frequent breathing of cold air

Asthma Diagnosis

Primary Care Doctor in Bronx NY at Parkchester Medical will be able to diagnose asthma correctly. Asthma will show up in different ways for different people depending on many factors. If you have a persistent couth or a lasting wheeze with shortness of breath, it is paramount to get yourself checked at a quality Primary Care Provider in Bronx NY.

Asthma is actually very easy to confuse with frequent colds and coughs or other respiratory infections. On the other hand, some people might also get misdiagnosed with Asthma when they don’t even have it. As a matter of fact, about 33% of asthmatic patients actually do not have asthma with a staggering 90% of the ones that do have it being able to lay off medication a study proved.

Proper diagnosis by a qualified Primary Care Physician in Bronx, NY is significant for people in the region. You should discuss any persistent coughs or heavy breathing with your primary care provider on any visit. A lung function test called spirometry will be performed by the Primary Care Doctor in Bronx NY specializing in chest infections and asthma. This test will measure how much air you are able to blow out of your lungs and how quickly can you do it.

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Asthma Treatment in Bronx NYC

Truthfully, there is no cure or permanent treatment for asthma. Speaking to your Primary Care Doctor in Bronx, NY should tell you how to best treat and manage it. One of the best asthma management routines includes avoiding its triggers that might be affecting you. Taking specified medication to prevent and treat asthma symptoms will be required from patients.

A Qualified Primary Care Provider in Bronx NY should be able to guide you the right way to avoid asthma symptoms. As symptom free as you can be in daily routine life, better it will work out for asthmatic people. Even though you might not be able to eliminate asthma permanently, getting rid of its symptoms is the next best thing.

Suitable Medication for Asthma

Distinctively, there are two different types of asthma medications prescribed by doctors and physicians. First one is the quick relief one and the other being the long-term medication. Acute asthma symptoms can be treated with quick-relief medication. Short-acting beta2-agonists are inhaled for the quick-relief medication that help relaxing muscles around the airways. These allow more air to flow to the lungs.

Asthmatic patients are usually advised to have a quick-relief inhaler spray on them at all times. Long-term asthma medication is taken daily helping prevent its symptoms from developing. Inhaled corticosteroids are common long-term asthma medications that reduce airway inflammation. These may also make airways less sensitive to triggers.

Other forms of long-term asthma medication include omalizumab, which is typically a shot given 1-2 times a month. These shots help reduce body reactions to asthma triggers helping open up airways to lungs in the long run. It is important for people on long-term asthma medication to visit their Primary Care Physician in Bronx NY frequently to assess the progress and reactions.

Asthma in Children

Asthma most often starts during the childhood years for most patients. It is also very common for parents to not think about their children having asthma. It is estimated that from the 25 million asthma patients in the US alone, 7 million are children. Commonly, children develop it before the age of 5. A wheezing or whistling sound while breathing for children, coughing, rapid or labored breathing or child complaining about chest pain and early fatigue might be some of the symptoms for children.

For children, one of the leading causes of emergency room visits is asthma. Children are also most likely to miss or skip school as a result of asthma attacks and conditions. Some children may grow out of these symptoms while for some they might continue in adulthood and later ages. As lungs grow in size and hormones change for people with age, changes in asthmatic conditions occur as well.

People who develop asthma in their adulthood are most likely to have it for the rest of their lives as there will not by much changes in lung sizes and hormones.

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