Better heart means a better life


We all are aware of how important heart health is for a human body. Heart is the single organ that pumps blood to the entire body and basically gives life to an otherwise static physical structure of humans. Heart has an almost a-symmetrical pear shaped presentation and a somewhat simple formation. Heart consists of 4 chambers or compartments; two are the ventricles and two are atria’s. The former is responsible for pumping blood to different organs while the latter is responsible for receiving blood.

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We fail to discuss this extremely critical question but majority of the people hold the point of view that heart either works or it does not work and there is no in between. But the truth us that a human heart can be functioning but in a damaged state or might not be working up to its full potential. When you need experienced Heart Doctor in Bronx, New York City, Parkchester Medical is a service provide you can trust.


There are various symptoms that a person can feel if his heart is not functioning at a full 100% efficiency level such as:

1) Shortness of breath

2) Pain that extends from the chest and travels through the right arm

3) Fluttering

4) Abnormal heartbeat

5) Lightheadedness

Some conditions that we treat include:

1) Arrhythmia

2) Cardiovascular Disease

3) Coronary Artery Disease

4) Congestive Heart Failure

5) Hypertension

6) Lipid and Cholesterol Disorders

Even if one does not feel such symptoms, a regular visit to the heart doctor or cardiologist can help one analyze the state of the heart; because even if things appear normal apparently, the reality might be different. In the most typical course of action, a cardiologist doctor will run some tests and then study the state and health of the heart.


Although not being able to diagnose and treat a deteriorating human heart can result in fatal consequences but timely diagnosis and treatment can also help increase the life span and general quality of life. Investing your time and money in a thorough cardiac checkup by a competent cardiologist or heart doctor is a very wise step. Our teams of skilled and professional cardiologist can help you treat the most common heart issues to the most complex one’s too such as a bypass surgery (in case of obstruction).

1) Refer a vascular doctor: In case one suffers from slight blockage of veins and arteries or abnormality in the vascular system (lymphatic circulation), the best solution is to visit a vascular doctor who possess the skill and expertise to solve the problem through minimally invasive procedures and surgical reconstructions (angiography and angioplasty).

2) Advice Cardiac Surgery: The performance of a human heart is affected when the veins and arteries carrying blood to and from the heart are damaged or completely damaged. In such cases and others too (when there is another heart condition such as natural disorder), the best solution is to perform a bypass surgery. Heart bypass is a complex surgical procedure where doctors provide an alternate path for blood flow and avoid the blockage.

3) Set you up with a cardiothoracic Surgeon: Sometimes, the condition and treatment is not that simple and a person with wider knowledge and expertise of the human anatomy is required. A cardiothoracic surgeon is one who has the power and capability to treat issues related to the heart, lungs, esophagus and other organs in the chest.

The department of cardiology has the power to diagnose and treat heart conditions. A skilled Cardiologist in Bronx will develop an optimal course of treatment for every patient including heart function tests such as:

1) ECG

2) Echocardiogram

3) MRI

4) CT Scan

5) Chest X rays

And advice other surgical procedures to make sure the heart condition is accurately analyzed and treated. Parkchester Medical also has specialist Cardiac Surgeon always available in Bronx, NYC. Our specialist Cardiologist Doctor in Bronx provide best medical care for all heart patients. Call now to book your appointment or visit us in Parkchester, Bronx at any time.